Sundance Film Festival 2013

Daily round ups and Award winners:

Day 1

Sundance Film Festival kicks off in Utah with the Day One Press Conference. Read more about Day 1 at Sundance Film Festival at

Day 2

Dave Grohl debuts Sound City, Dirty Wars shocks audiences

Day 3

Fruitvale recounts BART police shooting, Doremus premieres Breathe In

Day 4

Back up singer front and centre, Delpy and Hawke return Before Midnight

Day 5

Shane Carruth’s inscrutable Upstream Color, Narco Cultura probes Mexican drug cartels

Day 6

Shorts awards, Cutie and the Boxer, and In a World…

Day 7

Exploring film music, the phenomenon of Julian Assange, and Volunteer Appreciation Day

Day Eight

Isaiah Washington Thrills in Blue Caprice, Toy’s House Teems with Nostalgia

Day Nine:

Ashton Kutcher is jOBS, Jonathan Groff Inhabits Adapted Sedaris Story

Sundance Festival Award Winners

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